Parker Davis

Anthony Andreoli is one of the most effective, hard working trainers that I’ve worked with in my sports career, who not only cares immensely about improving your physical make up, but your mental well being as well.

Brett Cramer

There are times in life when we find ourselves in a rut. We may be physically and emotionally in a bad place and not even sure how we got there. For me, I was in this place roughly five years ago. At 5’9” I was pushing 200 very unhealthy pounds. I hated the way I felt and the way I looked. I had high cholesterol and high blood pressure. My body fat percentage was over 30% and I could feel my quality of life slipping fast. A friend of mine suggested I join a local fitness facility that held boot camp style classes daily. I had never been a huge fan of working out and certainly never had the motivation to stick to it once I started. I always found myself intimidated and unmotivated by those around me, especially the trainers. That is until I met Anthony Andreoli.

Anthony was the morning trainer at the establishment that I had joined. From the minute I met him I knew that he was different than any other trainer I had ever met. He was fun, engaging and lacked any sense of ego or arrogance that so many trainers I had met in the past had. Anthony had an amazing talent of making you feel like you were the only one that mattered in class. He instantly could see your intimidation and fear and without ever acknowledging it, he made you feel completely at ease and part of the “team”.

I was so motivated by Anthony and the way he taught that I eventually asked him to be my personal trainer on the side. Since starting my one on one work with Anthony I have seen my overall conditioning and health improve. I have dropped to roughly 16% body fat all the while seeing my musculature improve. My clothes fit better, I am no longer being treated for high blood pressure or cholesterol and I can say without a doubt that at 43 I am in the best shape of my life! I owe this amazing transformation and my continued dedication to this lifestyle almost solely to my interactions and relationship with Anthony. He is just as motivating, educational and engaged today as he was five years ago when I met him. He is incredibly creative and attentive during our workouts. He truly listens to me and is just as eager to hear my feedback as he is to give me his. With Anthony, it’s never “because I said so” there is always a great teachable moment with everything he shows you. Anthony really makes me feel like I am a partner in this journey.

Anthony is truly a superior trainer in every way and embodies the fitness lifestyle he teaches. I would recommend fully and without any hesitation Anthony Andreoli to anyone who is looking for a fun, engaging and knowledgeable trainer.

Dena Reyes

I have been training with Anthony since 2014 and I can’t imagine that there is another trainer out there that could have kept me as motivated, excited and consistent as he has.  In 2014 when I got back into exercising after having children, I was self-conscious about trying out boot camps after having spent the previous few years pulling wagons and chasing kiddos.  My apprehensions melted away the first morning after being greeted by Anthony.  His ability then and now of being able to welcome and guide anyone as they walk into the gym is truly uncanny.  He remembers your name as soon as he meets you.  He ensures each person, regardless of their skill level, can participate in the entire workout.  I have had the opportunity of working out in one-on-one personal training sessions as well.  The personal training sessions are as challenging as group training.  No workouts are the same and I truly miss being able to exercise if I must miss a session.  I can say whole heartedly that my excitement for exercise is attributed to having such a great trainer to work with and would recommend him to anyone of any age and any level of exercise.

Rich Wood

There are some people you meet in your lifetime that truly impact your journey—sometimes you do not realize it—until you are on that journey and you know they are genuinely by your side rooting you on. The day Anthony Andreoli started training me—things changed.

I have always had the motivation to be healthy and be in the best shape of my life, but things always got in the way. Then the older I got the more I doubted that my goals were possible.

Excuses, food, sometimes just being exhausted physically, mentally, emotionally—pretty much name it and I have come up with it. I have been going to the gym for years, I have been working at it for years and I would lose and then I would gain, I would care and other times I just wouldn’t. I would push myself, I would spend money, and then I would go eat whatever I would want. You start justifying that you do one thing so you can do the other.

I still remember the first time I trained with Anthony—probably because I wanted to get sick and I wasn’t able to drive home at the speed limit due to my body hating me. I remember the second time I trained with Anthony, because he made me run in a field and I realized that I was not in the shape I wanted to be at this point in my life—EVEN THOUGH I THOUGHT I WAS. That was the crazy thing—I thought by going to the gym it would just magically happen.

The things that I have focused on since training with Anthony are consistency, will power, and drive.

You need to have your mind and heart lined up and focus on your goals—without those being consistent—goals are impossible. He taught me that you need time to rest and have fun, but you need to work hard to get what you want.

You need a strong will to reach your goals, but you need will power to erase the things that prevent you from reaching them. Anthony would also mention what he eats and the impact on our lives and it stuck with me. He didn’t push any idea, but he just lived in. I started focusing on the things in my life to erase. Food and our fitness goals are reliant on what you put in your system. I started thinking—if I want to get washboard abs or if I truly want to lose weight—is this donut or bread or candy going to help me to get to the goal that I have been striving for or will it bring me farther from it? At that point I realized I needed to focus on the things that would help me and not hurt me.

I always had motivation to be healthy and to be in the best shape of my life—but I needed to put my drive in a different gear. I started with the food and what I was putting my system. I started running—slowly but surely. Looking back at my field runs where I felt like a slug and now I can do all out sprints without dying—you start seeing your journey unfold. At the time, I thought he was crazy for making me run—but he did it so that one day I would see that my goals were possible. Then finally—the one thing that helped me more than anything is his consistent motivation and communication with me. Our friendship has helped because you can tell when someone is genuinely happy to see you reach your goals. He reaches out daily to see how I am feeling, reminds me to drink water, also reminds me that it is alright to have a few cheat meals and live life—but not to make that my life.

Never let anyone tell you that you can’t reach your goals—including YOURSELF. We sometimes are the biggest hurdle in reaching those goals. I also have found that when my health and fitness is on point—other parts of life start to improve based on confidence in myself and just how I feel. After every workout, Anthony will text me and say he is proud of me and that I work harder than anyone he has seen—and my response always is—“we have work to do.” Keep striving, keep driving, keep moving forward, believe in yourself, and surround yourself with people, like Anthony who push you to be better not only in your fitness journey but in your life journey—it truly will inspire those around you, but most importantly, will inspire YOU!